The first camera memory I have was when I was 6 years old, and my family lived on a cattle ranch in Colorado. On my birthday we went to town to shop, I begged my parents for a camera, so they got me a "Stella" camera (they were cheap and usually leaked light, a perfect 1st camera). After loading the camera with film, out the door I ran with excitement. The first step off the porch was totally forgotten about, then CRASH my Stella was in pieces. The next trip to town we got Stella # 2 (she is still around today, with lots of duct tape on her). I feel that being born in Colorado, and growing up with its glowing light, its red earth, and its cobalt skies, all combined together to make me a very visual person. Because of my love for nature it is always a key subject in my images.

I attended and graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute receiving my BFA in 1982. I then went on to live in Alaska, and Illinois, and the past 24 years I have resided in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am and have been assisting many globally known photographers thru the "Santa Fe Photographic Workshops" & "The National Geographic Expedition on assignment in Santa Fe". I have taught Digital Imaging at the College of Santa Fe (Santa Fe University of Art and Design), and also teach Adobe Photoshop (one on ones) to various photographers and artists in Santa Fe. On my current group of work I have been hand sewing on digital archival pigment prints, creating a three dimensionality to my photographs.

I shoot in 35mm and 2 1/4 film formats, utilizing special camera and filter techniques, doing my own digital high res. Drum Scans. I also shoot DSLR, and capture in Adobe Raw format followed by Adobe Photoshop techniques. I work in both a wet darkroom and a digital darkroom. My knowledge of printing ranges from traditional alternative processes applied to cloth or natural papers, to traditional b/w and color silver processes. I also am fluent at printing on many different different sizes and models of Epson Printers. I enjoy controlling all aspects of my photography and in turn I do everything myself. Welcome to my web site...... Kimmie

* My babies are my two much loved dogs Luna and Thor (litter-mate's) I have raised them since they were wee pups.